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Bryan K O'Rourke, Partner

Bryan O'Rourke is an accomplished CEO, strategic adviser, entrepreneur, investor, author and professional speaker. His expertise in technology, strategy, development, marketing, management and finance has led to a track record of results in fitness and wellness, food and beverage, international trade, technology and franchising. Bryan has led organizations and projects in Asia, the EU, and the Americas. He has transformed organizations and brought stakeholders together in a variety of roles. Bryan has served as a court appointed expert and advises public and private for-profits, non-profits, NGO's and government agencies. He has successfully closed a number of private and public financings and managed M&A activity as a principal, agent or adviser. He is an acknowledged thought leader in fitness, wellness and technology . His articles have been published in a variety of established periodicals and he has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and New York times, among other leading newspapers. Bryan O'Rourke has been a featured speaker and presenter at industry conferences in the heath club, fitness, business and technology space on four continents. He served as a member of the American Council on Exercise/s Industry Advisory Panel and was named by IHRSA's CBI as one of 13 to watch in 2013.